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★…地盤(Not bad)

◆908◆Gaerea / Limbo
◆907◆Mulla / مَوْلَى
◆906◆Zvijer / Vječnost Truleži
◆905◆Dommedagssalme / Domain
◆904◆Hats Barn / A Necessary Dehumanization
◆903◆Turpista / Turpistyczne wizje końca
◆902◆Moonreich / Terribilis Est Locus Iste
◆901◆Anal Blasphemy / Perversions of Satan
◆900◆Svolder / Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars
◆899◆Seeds of Iblis / Anti Quran Rituals


 神盤  仏盤  岩盤(Great)  秀盤  良盤  地盤(Not bad)  数曲に光  円盤(よくあるタイプ)  茶盤  もうだめぽ 

♣Angra / Rebirth
♣Anorexia Nervosa / Drudenhaus
♣Anorexia Nervosa / Drudenhaus
♣Apocalyptica / Reflections
♣Bad Habit / Adult Orientation
♣Celesty / Times Before The Ice
♣Chaos Feeds Life / Strike Upon You
♣Covenant / In Times Before The Light
♣Dakona / Perfect Change
♣Dakota / Deep 6
♣Dark Lunacy / Devoid
♣Dark Lunacy / Forget-Me-Not
♣Dark Lunacy / The Diarist
♣Dark Moor / The Hall of The Olden Dreams
♣Dark Moor / The Gates of Oblivion
♣Darkthrone / A Blaze In The Northern Sky
♣Dragonforce / Valley of the Damned
♣Dragonforce / Valley of the Damned
♣Dragonforce / Sonic Firestorm
♣Dub Buk / Idu Na Wy!
♣Ensiferum / Ensiferum
♣Epiclore / Grace Upon The Realm
♣Fair Warning / Live And More
♣Fairyland / Realm of Wonders
♣Fairyland / Of Wars In Osyrhia
♣Finntroll / Jaktens Tid
♣Gaerea / Limbo
♣Galneryus / Advance To The Fall
♣Heavenly / Sign of The Winner
♣Iron Savior / Condition Red
♣Korpiklaani / Voice of Wilderness
♣Labyrinth / Return To Heaven Denied
♣Lacrimosa / Fassade
♣Lacrimosa / Elodia
♣Lacrimosa / Echos
♣Lacrimosa / Lightgestalt
♣LIGHT BRINGER / Midnight Circus
♣Light This City / Stormchaser
♣Lost Horizon / A Flame to the Ground Beneath
♣Luca Turilli / King of The Nordic Twilight
♣Luca Turilli / Prophet of the Last Eclipse
♣Marvelous 3 / Hey Album
♣Mnemic / The Audio Injected Soul
♣Mulla / مَوْلَى
♣Nokturnal Mortum / Nechrist
♣Opeth / Deliverance
♣Opeth / Damnation
♣Pandaemonium / Return To Reality
♣Pandaemonium / Return To Reality
♣Pandaemonium / Return To Reality
♣Powerwolf / Alive in the Night
♣Quintessence / Le Fléau de ton Existence
♣Quintessence / Le bourreau de Tiffauges
♣Rage / Unity
♣Rhapsody / Legendary Tales
♣Rhapsody / Dawn of Victory
♣Rhapsody / The Power of The Dragonflame
♣Satyricon / Nemesis Divina
♣Sonata Arctica / Ecliptica
♣Taake / ...Doedskvad
♣Terra Nova / Break Away
♣Terror Squad / The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin
♣The Sins of Thy Beloved / Lake of Sorrow
♣Throne of Chaos / Menace and Prayer
♣Throne of Chaos / Loss Angeles
♣Time Requiem / Time Requiem
♣Unmoored / Indefinite Soul-Extension
♣V.A. / The Eastern Tribute To Helloween
♣Valentine / Valentine
♣Vanitas / Der Schatten einer Existenz
♣Waltari / Yeah!Yeah! Die!Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C
♣Within Temptation / Mother Earth
♣X Japan / Fan's Selection
♣いきものがかり / My song Your song

♣91 Suite / 91 Suite
♣Adagio / Sanctus Ignis
♣After Forever / Decipher
♣Anal Blasphemy / Perversions of Satan
♣Angra / Rebirth
♣Angra / Temple Of Shadows
♣Aquila / Man With A Mission
♣Arch Enemy / Rise of The Tyrant
♣Arena / Arena
♣Armageddon / Crossing The Rubicon
♣Athena / A New Religion?
♣Athena / Twilight of Days
♣Avantasia / The Metal Opera Pt.II
♣Azeroth / Azeroth
♣Battle Dagorath / Ancient Wraith
♣Blood Stain Child / Silence of Northern Hell
♣Blood Stain Child / Mystic Your Heart
♣Burzum / Filosofem
♣Burzum / Belus
♣Burzum / Fallen
♣Butterfly Temple / Dreams of Northern Sea
♣Catamenia / Winternight Tragedies
♣Celesty / Reign of Elements
♣Concept / The Divine Cage
♣Criminal / No Gods No Matters
♣Dark Tranquillity / The Gallery
♣Dark Tranquillity / Damage Done
♣Dazzle Vision / キラリ
♣DGM / Misplaced
♣DGM / Misplaced
♣Dionysus / Anima Mundi
♣Disillusion / Back To Times of Splendor
♣Dragonforce / Sonic Firestorm
♣Dragonlord / Rapture
♣Dreamtide / Here Comes The Flood
♣Dungeon / Resurrection
♣Edenbridge / Shine
♣Equilibrium / Turis Fratyr
♣Fairyland / Of Wars In Osyrhia
♣Freedom Call / Stairway To Fairyland
♣Freedom Call / Eternity
♣Freedom Call / The Circle of Life
♣Galneryus / The Flag of Punishment
♣Gehenna / Malice
♣Grand Illusion / View from The Top
♣Grima Morstua / Magnam Mortem Transcendere
♣Heaven's Cry / Primal Power Addiction
♣Heavenly / Dust To Dust
♣Helloween / The Time of The Oath
♣Highlord / Breath of Eternity
♣In The Woods / HEart of Ages
♣Kamelot / The Fourth Legacy
♣Kamelot / Karma
♣Kiko Loureiro / No Gravity
♣Labyrinth / Labyrinth
♣Last Tribe / The Ritual
♣Limbonic Art / Ad Noctum Dynasty of Death
♣Limbonic Art / The Ultimate Death Worship
♣Lost Horizon / Awakening The World
♣Lunatica / Fables &Dreams
♣Maniac Butcher / Masakr
♣Manigance / Ange Ou Demon
♣Masterpiece / Colors of Conflict
♣Masterpiece / Colors of Conflict
♣Mnemic / The Audio Injected Soul
♣Naglfar / Sheol
♣Nightshade / Wielding the Scythe
♣Nocturnal Rites / Shadowland
♣Norther / Death Unlimited
♣Obtained Enslavement / Soulblight
♣Opeth / Blackwater Park
♣Rhapsody / Symphony of Enchanted Lands
♣Sargeist / Satanic Black Devotion
♣Satanic Warmaster / Strength & Honour
♣Satanic Warmaster / Carelian Satanist Madness
♣Schrat / Schattenwahn
♣Silent Force / Worlds Apart
♣Skyscraper / T.V. Lization
♣Soul Demise / In Vain
♣Stormlord / The Gorgon Cult
♣Stratovarius / Episode
♣Taake / Noregs Vaapen
♣Terra Nova / Make My Day
♣Terra Nova / Escape
♣The Crown / Crowned In Terror
♣The Provenance / Still at Arms Length
♣Throne of Chaos / Pervertigo
♣Time Requiem / The Inner Circle of Reality
♣Tristitia / Crucidiction
♣Valentine / 4 - United
♣Wintersun / Wintersun
♣Wuthering Heights / The Shadow Cabinet
♣Yearning / Evershade
♣Yellowcard / Ocean Avenue
♣Zvijer / Vječnost Truleži
♣栗林みな実 / miracle fruit

♣Aaskereia / Dort, wo das alte Böse ruht
♣Abusiveness / Trioditis
♣Aethra / Tales From Distant Skies And Far Beyond
♣Alghazanth / Osiris - Typhon Unmasked
♣Anaal Nathrakh / The Codex Necro
♣Ancient Ceremony / The Third Testament
♣Argar / Grim March To Black Eternity
♣Ascension Theory / Regeneration
♣Azmodan / Of Angels and Demons
♣Belphegor / Blood Magick Necromance
♣Bloodbound / Nosferatu
♣Cardiant / Midday Moon
♣Cataplexy / Lunar Eclipse,Chaos To The Ruin
♣Cellador / Enter Deception
♣Charon / Songs for the Sinners
♣Children of Bodom / Hate Crew Deathroll
♣Concept / The Divine Cage
♣Cryonic Temple / Chapter I
♣Crystalium / De Aeternitate Commando
♣Cult of Fire / मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान
♣Dark Funeral / Attera Totus Sanctus
♣Dark Storm / Hell Satan Blasphemy
♣Dark Tranquillity / Character
♣Darkane / Layers of Lies
♣Darkthrone / Under a Funeral Moon
♣Darkthrone / Transilvanian Hunger
♣Dimmu Borgir / Death Cult Armageddon
♣Dionysus / Anima Mundi
♣Dir en grey / UROBOROS
♣Divinefire / Glory Thy Name
♣Domine / Emperor of The Black Runes
♣Dommedagssalme / Domain
♣Dragonland / Holy War
♣Dragonland / Starfall
♣Dreamtale / Beyond Reality
♣Dub Buk / Misjac Pomsti / …Zasinae Ta u Vi Sni Pomirae…
♣Ebony Ark / Decoder
♣Eddy Antonini / When Water Became Ice
♣Eternal Tears of Sorrow / A Virgin And A Whore
♣Evil Masquerade / Welcome To The Show
♣Fairyland / Of Wars In Osyrhia
♣Freedom Call / Crastal Empire
♣Freedom Call / The Circle of Life
♣Gorgoroth / Under The Sign of Hell
♣Graveworm / Scourge of Malice
♣Hats Barn / A Necessary Dehumanization
♣Heavenly / Sign of The Winner
♣Heavenly / Dust To Dust
♣Hell Militia / Last Station on the Road to Death
♣Helloween / The Dark Ride
♣Hibria / Defying The Rules
♣Highlord / When The Aurora Falls
♣HIM / Love Metal
♣Horna / Askel lähempänä Saatanaa
♣Hrizg / Anthems to Decrepitude
♣Kalmah / Swamplord
♣Kamelot / The Black Halo
♣Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith / The Rule of Right
♣Korpiklaani / Voice of Wilderness
♣Korpiklaani / Spirit of The Forest
♣Krallice / Diotima
♣Last Autumn's Dream / Last Autumn's Dream
♣LIGHT BRINGER / Tales of Almanac
♣Lunatica / Fables &Dreams
♣Lunatica / Fables &Dreams
♣Lykathea Aflame / Elvenefris
♣Majestic / Abstract Symphony
♣Majestic / Abstract Symphony
♣Malcuidant / Et Les Cieux s’assombrirent...
♣Manigance / D'un Autre Sang
♣Manigance / L'ombre Et La Lumiere
♣Marduk / Heaven shall burn...When we are gathered
♣Masterpiece / Colors of Conflict
♣Masterplan / Masterplan
♣Masterplan / Aeronautics
♣Mechanical Poet / Woodland Prattlers
♣Mercenary / Everblack
♣Mercenary / The Hours That Remain
♣Mind Key / Journey of A Rough Diamond
♣Moonreich / Terribilis Est Locus Iste
♣Nazgul / De Expugnatione Elfmuth
♣Nemesis / Goddess of Revenge
♣Nightwish / Wishmaster
♣Nocturnal Rites / Tales of Mystery And Imagination
♣Norther / Solution 7
♣Opus Atlantica / Opus Atlantica
♣Orion Riders / A New Dawn
♣Rage / Soundchaser
♣Red Wine / Suenos y Locura
♣Red Wine / El Fin De Los Tiempos
♣Rhapsody / Rain of A Thousand Flames
♣Rhapsody / The Dark Secret
♣Satanic Warmaster / Opferblut
♣Satanic Warmaster / Nachzehrer
♣Scar Symmetry / Symmetric In Design
♣Serpent / Bloody Gates
♣Shaaman / Ritual
♣Shaman / Shamaniac
♣Silva Nigra / Bible Bolestných Nářků
♣Sirenia / At Sixes and Sevens
♣Six Magics / The Secrets of An Island
♣Six Magics / The Secrets of An Island
♣Skyfire / Timeless Departure
♣Skyfire / Spectral
♣Skyscraper / T.V. Lization
♣Sonata Arctica / Silence
♣Sorg / Enigma Grotesque
♣Stormlord / At The Gates of Utopia
♣Stormwarrior / Stormwarrior
♣Summoning / Oath Bound
♣Taake / Kveld
♣Tauthr / Life-Losing
♣TEN / Far Beyond The World
♣The Elysian Fields / 12 abLAZe
♣The Provenance / 25th Hour: Bleeding
♣Throne of Chaos / Loss Angeles
♣Thy Majestie / Hastings 1066
♣To/Die/For / Jaded
♣Turpista / Turpistyczne wizje końca
♣Tvangeste / Firestorm
♣Vanitas / Das Leben ein Traum
♣Vanitas / Lichtgestalten
♣Versailles / Lyrical Sympathy
♣Vintersorg / Till Fjalls
♣Vordven / Towards The Frozen Stream
♣Warcry / El Sello de los Tiempo
♣Without Grief / Deflower
♣Wizard / Odin
♣Wolf / Roll Over
♣Woods of Desolation / Torn Beyond Reason
♣Wuthering Heights / To Travel Forevermore
♣Wuthering Heights / Far From The Madding Crowd
♣Wykked Wytch / Angelic Vengeance

♣91 Suite / Times They Change
♣Adagio / Sanctus Ignis
♣Aethra / Tales From Distant Skies And Far Beyond
♣Agalloch / The Mantle
♣Anorexia Nervosa / New Obscurantis Order
♣Anorexia Nervosa / Redemption Process
♣Aquaria / Flames of Trinity
♣Aquila / Say Yeah
♣Arkona / Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes
♣Asgarth / III
♣Astarte / Rize From Within
♣Avalanch / La Llama Eterna
♣Avalanch / Llanto De Un Heroe
♣Axamenta / Codex Barathri
♣Azrael / Sunrise In The Dreamland
♣Blind Guardian / A Night At The Opera
♣Bloden-Wedd / Eye of Horus
♣Burning In Hell / Burning In Hell
♣Cadacross / Corona Borealis
♣Concept / Reason And Truth
♣Dark Moor / Dark Moor
♣Dark Moor / Tarot
♣Dark Storm / Infernal Tyrant
♣day after tomorrow / day alone
♣Demoncy / Joined In Darkness
♣Demoniac / The Fire And The Wind
♣Dimmu Borgir / Stormblåst
♣Dionysus / Sign of The Truth
♣Divercia / Cycle Of Zero
♣Divine Souls / Embodiment
♣Divinefire / Glory Thy Name
♣Dragonland / The Battle of The Ivory Plains
♣Dreamtale / Difference
♣Drudkh / Forgotten Legends
♣Dub Buk / Rus Ponad Wse!
♣Edenbridge / Sunrise in Eden
♣Edenbridge / Aphelion
♣Enshadowed / Messengers Of Darkest Dawn
♣Fjoergyn / Ernte Im Herbst
♣Forgotten Tales / All The Sinners
♣Forgotten Tomb / Love's Burial Ground
♣Freternia / A Nightmare Story
♣Furia Animal / Azotando El Destino
♣Galloglass / Legends From Now And Nevermore
♣Gamma Ray / Majestic
♣Glory Opera / Rising Moangá
♣Grand Design / Travesty ver.2.0
♣Haggard / Eppur Si Muove
♣Hate Forest / The Most Ancient Ones
♣Hearse / Armageddon, Mon Amour
♣Helloween / Mr. Torture
♣Hellspawn / Lords of Eternity
♣Holy Sagga / Planetude
♣Holy Sagga / Planetude
♣Horna / Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne
♣Imperio / Paz En La Tormenta
♣Insania / Fantasy
♣Iron Savior / Unification
♣Jezabel / Legiones Del Sur
♣Knight Area / The Sun Also Rises
♣Korpiklaani / Ukon Wacka
♣LIGHT BRINGER / Heartful Message
♣LIGHT BRINGER / Scenes of Infinity
♣Lucifugum / Нахристихрящях (On the Sortilage of Christianity)
♣Lunatica / Fables &Dreams
♣Manigance / Signe De Vie
♣Mayhem / De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
♣Menhir / Ziuwari
♣Mistielegy / Dyed White
♣Moonlyght / Progressive Darkness
♣Mystic Circle / Damien
♣Nightscape / Symphony of The Night
♣Nocturnal Rites / Grand Illusion
♣Nokturnal Mortum / Lunar Poetry
♣Nordheim / ...and The Raw Metal Power
♣Oathean / Fading Away Into The Grave of Nothingness
♣Octinomos / Welcome to My Planet
♣Old Man's Child / In Defiance Of Existence
♣Opera Magna / El Ultimo Caballero
♣Oratory / Beyond Earth
♣Orkrist / Reginae Mysterium
♣Orphaned Land / Mabool
♣Power Quest / Wings of Forever
♣Projecto / Crown of Ages
♣Rain Feel Within / Refuge
♣Renacer / Renacer
♣Requiem / Mask of Damnation
♣Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey / The Astral Episode
♣Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey / Embrace The Galaxy
♣Salamandra / Great Moravian Elegies
♣Sargeist / Disciple of the Heinous Path
♣Seraphim / The Equal Spirit
♣Serpent / Cradle of Insanity
♣Shade Empire / Essence of Pain
♣Shining Fury / Another Life
♣Sigma / Sigma
♣Skyfire / Mind Revolution
♣Sonata Arctica / Winterheart's Guild
♣Steel Attack / Fall Into Madness
♣Stormlord / At The Gates of Utopia
♣Summoning / Stronghold
♣Taake / Nattestid...
♣Taake / ...Bjoergvin...
♣Teratism / Via Negativa
♣Terra Nova / Livin' It Up
♣Thalarion / Tunes of Despondency
♣The Storyteller / Crossroad
♣Theocracy / Theocracy
♣Throne of Chaos / Loss Angeles
♣Thy Primordial / The Crowning Carnage
♣Unanimated / Ancient God of Evil
♣Unmoored / Kingdoms of Greed
♣Vanishing Point / Embrace The Silence
♣Waldgeflüster / Femundsmarka - Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln
♣Warcry / Warcry
♣Wizards / The Kingdom
♣Wonderland / Follow Me
♣Wuthering Heights / Far From The Madding Crowd
♣ちびらり / -いちまいめ-
♣陰陽座 / 鳳翼麟瞳

♣Abyssos / Fhinstanian Nightbreed
♣Adagio / Underworld
♣Adagio / Dominate
♣Agonizer / World of Fools
♣Alghazanth / Vinum Intus
♣Alkemyst / Meeting in The Myst
♣Apotheosis / Farthest From The Sun
♣Aquaria / Luxaeterna
♣Arcturus / Aspera Hiemssymfonia
♣Arthemesia / Devs - Iratvs
♣Axenstar / Far From Heaven
♣Beforce / Creation
♣Behexen / By the Blessing of Satan
♣Beholder / Wish for Destruction
♣Blind Stare / Symphony of Delusions
♣Bloden-Wedd / Raging Planet
♣Boanerges / Senales Antes del Fin
♣Boanerges / Mas alla del Umbral
♣Bonn-Kelly / Journey To The End
♣Bride Adorned / Blessed Stillness?
♣Burning In Hell / Burning In Hell
♣Cardiant / Promo 2003
♣Cea Serin / ...Where Memories Combine
♣Concept / The Divine Cage
♣Cydonia / The Dark Flower
♣Dark Fortress / Profane Genocidal Creations
♣Deathguy / The Legend of Romancer
♣Demoncy / Empire Of The Fallen Angel
♣Divinefire / Glory Thy Name
♣Dragonforce / Inhuman Rampage
♣Dreamaker / Human Device
♣Dreamtale / Beyond Reality
♣Dying Passion / Voyage
♣Dyluvian / The Fall of The House of Usher
♣Ensiferum / Iron
♣Falconer / Falconer
♣Falconer / The Sceptre of Deception
♣Forefather / The Fighting Man
♣Forgotten Tales / The Promise
♣Frequency / When Dream And Fate Collide
♣Golden Farm / Angel's Tears
♣Heavenly / Virus
♣Heimdall / The Almighty
♣Illnath / Cast into Fields of Evil Pleasure
♣Karelia / Usual Tragedy (Demo)
♣Madder Mortem / Deadlands
♣Majestic / Trinity Overture
♣Mechanical Poet / Woodland Prattlers
♣Mechanical Poet / Woodland Prattlers
♣MinstreliX / Lost Renaissance
♣Nefelim / Врата Мироздания
♣Norther / Dreams of Endless War
♣Power Quest / Neverworld
♣Power Quest / Magic Never Dies
♣Raintime / Tales From Sadness
♣Requiem / The Arrival
♣Sargeist / Tyranny Returns
♣Secret Sphere / A Time Never Come
♣Secret Sphere / Heart & Anger
♣Seraphim / AI
♣Serpent / Lunar Eclipse
♣Shade Empire / Daemon
♣Shade Empire / Sinthetic
♣Sinful / Omyt
♣Solefald / In Harmonia Universali
♣Sonata nocturnA / The Darkest Winter
♣Stormwind / Resurrection
♣Thunderstone / Thunderstone
♣Trick or Treat / Evil Needs Candy Too
♣Versailles / NOBLE
♣Vesperian Sorrow / Psychotic Sculpture
♣Vhaldemar / I Made My Own Hell
♣Warcry / ¿Dónde Está La Luz?

地盤(Not bad)
♣Agonizer / Anthem of Agony
♣Airborn / D-Generation
♣Airborn / Against The World
♣Alta Densidad / Princesa Aura
♣Ankhara / Ⅱ
♣Aquaria / Here Comes The Life
♣Archontes / The World Where Shadows Come To Life
♣Avalanch / Llanto De Un Heroe
♣Avanish / Gods of Destiny
♣Barroquejon / Concerning The Quest, The Bearer And The Ring
♣Battlelore / ...Where The Shadows Lie
♣Blood Stain Child / Idolator
♣Burzum / Det Som Engang Var
♣Catharsis / Imago
♣Celesty / Legacy of Hate
♣Citadel / Transition
♣Cydonia / Cydonia
♣Dark Moor / Between Light and Darkness
♣Dark Moor / Beyond The Sea
♣Darna / Darna
♣Dies Ire / Legend of Nhor Part I
♣Dimention F3H / Reaping The World Winds
♣Dionysus / Sign of The Truth
♣Domine / Stormbringer Ruler
♣Dragonland / Starfall
♣Dub Buk / Мертві сорому не ймуть
♣Edguy / Hellfire Club
♣Eternal Night / Heaven's Kingdom Will Be Yours
♣Falkirk / Magnus Imperium
♣Fireside / Castle of My Soul
♣Freedom Call / Taragon
♣Galloglass / Heavenseeker
♣Galneryus / Rebel Flag
♣Guarnerius / Arcanos Abismos
♣Heavenly / Dust To Dust
♣Hellbender / Visions Revealed
♣Helloween / The Best, The Rest, The Rare
♣Human Factor / Unleashed
♣Idi Bihotz / Negarraren Amorrua
♣Idi Bihotz / Amaigabe Berria
♣Iron Savior / Iron Savior
♣Karelia / Usual Tragedy
♣Kiuas / The Spirit of Ukko
♣Legend Maker / Lies Bleeding The Blind
♣Legend Maker / The Path to Glory
♣LIGHT BRINGER / genesis
♣Lord / A Personal Journey
♣Lorien / Secrets of The Elder
♣Mandylion / Keather
♣Manticora / Hyperion
♣Misanthrope / Immortal Misanthrope
♣Nahemah / Chrysalis
♣Nemesea / Mana
♣Nightscape / Symphony of The Night
♣Old Man's Child / Vermin
♣On Thorns I Lay / Angeldust
♣Orphaned Land / El Norra Alila
♣Renascent / Demons' Quest
♣Reptilian / Castle of Yesterday
♣Rhapsody / Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II
♣Samhain / Revival
♣Saurom Lamderth / El Guardian De Las Melodias Perdidas
♣Sear Bliss / Grand Destiny
♣Secret Sphere / Mistress of The Shadowlight
♣Seraphim / The Soul That Never Dies
♣Seven Angels / The Second Floor
♣Sezarbil / The Unknown Empire
♣Shadows of Steel / Second Floor
♣Shining Fury / Last Sunrise
♣Six Magics / Dead Kings of The Unholy Valley
♣Spellgate / Legends of Ardigm
♣Steel Warrior / Army of the Time
♣Supreme Majesty / Tales of a Tragic Kingdom
♣Supreme Majesty / Danger
♣Taake / Helnorsk Svartmetall
♣The Claymore / Ⅱ
♣Theatre of Tragedy / Velvet Darkness
♣Thy Majestie / The Lasting Power
♣Thy Majestie / Jeanne D'Arc
♣Trail of Tears / Profoundemonium
♣Tuatha de Danann / Tingaralatingadun
♣Turisas / Battle Metal
♣Twilightning / Delirium Veil
♣Twyster / Lunatic Siren
♣Tyrant Eyes / Book of Souls
♣Valar / Magic and Wyrmfire
♣Valhalla / Beyond The Underworld
♣Vertical Horizon / Go
♣Vhaldemar / Fight To The End
♣VII Gates / The Madman Inside
♣Viper / Soldiers of Sunrise
♣Widow / Midnight Strikes
♣Windir / Soknardalr

♣Ablaze / Grand Tears of Stigmata
♣Aemerald / Magical Wonder
♣Allegro / Allegro
♣Almora / Shehrazad
♣Alta Densidad / Princesa Aura
♣Angra / Temple Of Shadows
♣Arachnes / Apocalypse
♣Arida Vortex / Evil Sorcery
♣Ars Amandi / Autoctono
♣Ashes You Leave / Fire
♣Axenstar / Perpetual Twilight
♣Beholder / The Legend Begins
♣Beto Vazquez Infinity / Beto Vazquez Infinity
♣Burning In Hell / Believe
♣Cadacross / So Pale is The Light
♣Celesty / Reign of Elements
♣Celesty / Legacy of Hate
♣Crystal Eyes / Confessions of The Maker
♣Cyan Bloodbane / Camino a la Oscuridad
♣Dagorlad / End of The Dark Ages
♣Dark Moor / Shadowland
♣Dark Moor / The Fall of Melnibone
♣Dark Moor / From Hell
♣Desdemona / Lady of The Lore
♣Divinefire / Hero
♣Dol Ammad / Star Tales
♣Domine / Dragonlord - Tales of The Noble Steel
♣Dreamtale / Refuge From Reality
♣Elenium / This Side of Paradise
♣Elfoer / Stormrider
♣Elvenking / Heathenreel
♣Endless / A Dream At The Sun
♣Eterna / Papyrus
♣Ethernia / Fuera de Este Mundo
♣Fahrenheit / Epic Enter
♣Finist / Awakening
♣Flyin' Freak / It's The Time
♣Furia Animal / Furia Animal
♣Gaia Epicus / Satrap
♣Galneryus / Advance To The Fall
♣Gorgoroth / Twilight Of The Idols (In Conspiracy With Satan)
♣Graveworm / (N)Utopia
♣Heldar / Senderos De Un Sueño
♣Highlord / Heir of Power
♣Holy Knights / Gate Through The Past
♣Idi Bihotz / Herriaren Taupada
♣Idi Bihotz / Arimaerratu
♣Iron Savior / Unification
♣Iron Savior / Dark Assault
♣Jack Rose / Faces
♣Labyrinth / Sons of Thunder
♣Labyrinth / Freeman
♣Landguard / A Perpetual Game
♣Lost Horizon / A Flame to the Ground Beneath
♣Lunatica / The Edge of Infinity
♣Moonlight Agony / Echoes of A Nightmare
♣Moonlight Fear / Geminis
♣Morgana / Angel
♣Mythology / The Kingdom of Sun
♣Norther / Till The Death Unites Us
♣Nostradameus / The Third Prophecy
♣Odyssea / Tears In Floods
♣Old Man's Child / The Pagan Prosperity
♣Olympos Mons / Conquistador
♣Rain / Rain
♣Red Wine / Hijo del Despertar
♣Salamandra / Skarremar
♣Sea of Dreams / Dawn of Time
♣Shaaman / Reason
♣Shade Empire / Throne of Eternal Night
♣Shadow Host / Neverland
♣Sigma / Win or Lose
♣Skanners / Flagellum Dei
♣Somniator / Fire and Wind
♣Sonata Arctica / Winterheart's Guild
♣Sonata Arctica / Reckoning Night
♣Soulblaze / Soulblaze
♣Soulblaze / Soulblaze
♣Sphinx / Sphinx
♣Stormwind / Reflections
♣Summoner / Winter Solstice
♣Symbols / Symbols
♣The Sins of Thy Beloved / Perpetual Desolation
♣The Stormrider / Criseida
♣Timeless Miracle / Into The Enchanted Chamber
♣Timestorm / Shades of Unconsciousness
♣Tornado / Triumph of The King
♣Tunnelvision / Tomorrow
♣Twyster / Xplode
♣Valiance / Wayfaring
♣VII Gates / Fire, Walk With Me
♣Virtuocity / Secret Visions
♣Vision Divine / Stream of Consciousness
♣Vision Divine / The Perfect Machine
♣Voice / Soulhunter
♣Warcry / Alea Jackt Est
♣Winterlong / Winterlong
♣Wolfcry / Power Within

♣Alogia / Price O Vremenu
♣Angra / Aurora Consurgens
♣Ankhara / Dueno del Tiempo
♣Archontes / Book One: The Child Of Two Worlds
♣Athlantis / Athlantis
♣Avalanch / Los Poetas Han Muerto
♣Axenstar / The Inquisition
♣Axenstar / The Final Requiem
♣Beautiful Sin / The Unexpected
♣Beholder / Lethal Injection
♣Custard / For My King
♣Dark Horizon / Dark Light's Shades
♣Dark Horizon / Son of Gods
♣Dionysus / Fairytale and Reality
♣Divinefire / Hero
♣Dragonhammer / Blood of The Dragon
♣Dragonhammer / Time For Expiation
♣Dragonland / Astronomy
♣Dreamtale / Ocean's Heart
♣Elenium / Them Used Gods
♣Epidemia / Elfiyskaya Rukopis
♣Eterna / The Gate
♣Fairyland / The Fall of an Empire
♣Final Chapter / The WizardQueen
♣Frequency / When Dream And Fate Collide
♣Hamka / Unearth
♣Heavenly / Dust To Dust
♣Holy Dragons / Gotterdammerung
♣Injuria / Amanecer de un Sueno
♣Ivory Gate / Mountains
♣Kiuas / Winter in June
♣Kiuas / Reformation
♣Liza / Autoeditado
♣Logar's Diary / Book I - Iostros
♣Logar's Diary / Book 2: Parlainth - The Forgotten City
♣Luca Turilli / The Infinite Wonders of Creation
♣Manticora / The Black Circus Part 1
♣Montany / New Born Day
♣Nokturnal Mortum / Weltanschauung
♣Norther / Mirror of Madness
♣Northwind / El retorno del Rey
♣Oathean / Ten Days In Lachrymation
♣Olympos Mons / Conquistador
♣Operatika / Dreamworld
♣Perpetual Fire / Endless World
♣Projecto / Projecto
♣Push / Running To The Top
♣Runic / Liar Flags
♣Sagitta / Bad Signs
♣Salamandra / Twilight of Legends
♣Seven Gates / Unreality
♣Seventh Seal / The Black Dragon's Eyes
♣Shade Empire / Intoxicate O.S
♣Silver Seraph / Silver Seraph
♣Sonic Syndicate / Eden Fire
♣Soul Takers / Tides
♣Stratovarius / Elements Pt.2
♣Ultimatium / New Dawn
♣V.A. / The Keepers of Jericho A Tribute To Helloween II
♣Valhalla / Once Upon A Time...
♣Valiance / Wayfaring
♣Visions of Atlantis / Eternal Endless Infinity
♣Wonderland / Wonderland
♣Арда (Arda) / О Скитаниях Вечных и о Земл

♣Alogia / Price O Vremenu
♣Andra / Circle of Fire
♣Archontes / Book One: The Child Of Two Worlds
♣Arctic Fields / Prism
♣Arthemis / The Damned Ship
♣Arthemis / Golden Dawn
♣Catharsis / Febris Erotica
♣Catharsis / Dea
♣Celesty / Mortal Mind Creation
♣Cellador / Enter Deception
♣Conquest / Endless Power
♣Cry Holy / Alienation
♣Crystal Castle / October Hymn
♣Darzamat / In the Flames of Black Art
♣Dir en grey / DUM SPIRO SPERO
♣Divinefire / A New Dimension
♣Domine / Champion Eternal
♣Dragonfly / Domine
♣Dream Devoid / Aeons of Forgetfulness
♣Endless / Eternal Winds
♣Eterna / Terra Nova
♣Eternia / Tales of Power
♣Ethereal Pandemonium / Arcanum Lunae
♣Event Horizon / From The Beginning... To End
♣Falkirk / The Day Will Come
♣Furia Animal / Sentencia Divina
♣Gloomy Grim / Life?
♣Guardians of Time / Edge of Tomorrow
♣Heresiarh / Mythical Beasts and Mediaeval
♣In The Woods / Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage
♣Insania / World of Ice
♣Insania / Sunrise In Riverland
♣Kaledon / Legend of the Forgotten Reign Chapter 1
♣Luca Turilli's Dreamquest / Lost Horizons
♣Meridiam / Meridiam
♣Northwind / Viento Del Norte
♣Northwind / Seasons
♣Oratory / Illusion Dimensions
♣Perpetual Dreams / Eyes of Infinite
♣Renascent / Through Darkness
♣Sagitta / Bad Signs
♣Saqqara / El Nuevo Mundo
♣Secret Sphere / Scent of Human Desire
♣Seraphim / AI
♣Seventh One / Sacrifice
♣Shadows of Steel / Shadows of Steel
♣Sigma / Win or Lose
♣Silent Moon / Distant Horizons
♣Supreme Majesty / Elements of Creation
♣Symbols / Call To The End
♣Teräsbetoni / Vaadimme Metallia
♣The Storyteller / Tales of A Holy Quest
♣Unicorn / The 13th Sign
♣Valiance / The Unglorious Conspiracy
♣Vision Divine / Stream of Consciousness
♣Winterlong / The Second Coming
♣Winterlong / Valley of The Lost
♣Yudai / You Die !
♣うんこ / うんちちゃん

♣Adamanter / The Shadow Mirror
♣Andra / Circle of Fire
♣Aragon / Eternal Quest
♣Arch Nemesis / Shadows In The Mirror
♣Archontes / Saga of Eternity
♣Archontes / The World Where Shadows Come To Life
♣Archontes / Book One: The Child Of Two Worlds
♣Celestial Ode / DEMO
♣Darkfire / Darkfire
♣Derdian / New Era Pt. 1
♣Dol Ammad / Ocean Dynamics
♣Doomsday / La Muerte Del Rey Arturo
♣Dragonslayer / Noches De Tormenta
♣Eternia / The Guardian of The Treasure
♣Event Horizon / Year Zero
♣Excalion / Primal Exhale
♣Freternia / Warchants & Fairytales
♣Hangar / Inside Your Soul
♣Heaven's Guardian / Strava
♣Heavenblast / Heavenblast
♣Heimdall / Lord of The Sky
♣Heimdall / The Temple of Theil
♣Helloween / Chameleon
♣Heraldry / Shadows of Ancient Skies
♣Laceration / Severing the Divine Iniquity
♣Liar Symphony / Affair of Honour
♣Liar Symphony / Symphony Goes On
♣Lord Byron / Fly Free
♣Mesmerize / Tales of Wonder
♣Mesmerize / Off The Beaten Path
♣Not Fragile / Hard to Be Alive
♣Oracle Sun / Deep Inside
♣Pandaemonium / ...and The Runes Begin to Pray
♣Power Symphony / Lightbringer
♣Power Symphony / Evillot
♣Requiem / Requiem Forever
♣Rise and Shine / Empty Hand
♣Seeds of Iblis / Anti Quran Rituals
♣Shadow Mask / Talking To The Night
♣Silent Moon / Distant Horizons
♣Star Queen / Faithbringer
♣Svolder / Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars
♣Synthphonia Suprema / Synthphony 001
♣The Dogma / Symphonies of Love and Hate
♣Thy Symphony / Darkness End
♣Tristana / Back To The Future
♣どみね。 / るりぴょん萌え