To all melodic power metal band

We hereby request you to creat great power metal songs with following point.

1. Vocal line should be "catchy "
Do NOT make disascending vocal melody line. That is just a boring.
The songs should always be easy to remember and sing and be uplifting. It doesn't matter if the riffs or solos aren't interesting.

2. Keep fast tempo
The tempo should be at least 160 BPM and you should use a snare drum like Eagle Fly Free from Helloween. The buildup from a thrilling intro to eight beats leaves us terribly underwhelmed. The faster, the better.

Many Melodic Power Metal bands tend to stray after a number of album releases. The typical and worst example is Sonata Arctica. Their 1st and 2nd albums are really great, but their later songs are just awful for early fans to hear. Please show your commitment to speed like Dragonforce as much as possible.

Sincery yours,